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Ubuntu Linux shortcut keys

General keyboard shortcutsCtrl + A = Select all
Ctrl + C = Copy the highlighted content to clipboard
Ctrl + V = Paste the clipboard content
Ctrl + N = New (Create a new document, not in terminal)
Ctrl + O = Open a document
Ctrl + S = Save the current document
Ctrl + P = Print the current document
Ctrl + W = Close the close document
Ctrl + Q = Quit the current application Keyboard shortcuts for GNOME desktopCtrl + Alt + F1 = Switch to the first virtual terminal
Ctrl + Alt + F2(F3)(F4)(F5)(F6) = Select the different virtual terminals
Ctrl + Alt + F7 = Restore back to the current terminal session with X
Ctrl + Alt + Backspace = Restart GNOME
Alt + Tab = Switch between open programs
Ctrl + Alt + L = Lock the screen.
Alt + F1 = opens the application menu
Alt + F2 = opens the Run Application dialog box.
Alt + F3 = opens the Deskbar Applet
Alt + F4 = closes the current window.
Alt + F5 = unmaximizes the current window.
Alt + F7 = move the current window
Alt + F8 = resizes the current window.
Alt + F9 = minimizes …

How to open Add or Remove programs folder in windows (Control panel)

Hi All,

Here is simply trick to open you windows "Add or Remove folder" or "Programs and features"
Follow this.

1) Click on start menu
2) open "Run..." option from right side list or Simply click on keyboard by presssing "windows key + r"
3) It will open simple dialog box and enter in text field  "appwiz.cpl" and click OK. 4) Wow it will open our program and features folder.
Then simply uninstall or repair your installed programs.
Screen shorts: