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Get a quirky surprise when search Atari Breakout in Google Images

I you want to surprise from Google. You want to ready to play Ball Bat game. Then go through this link Click Here or search " Atari Breakout " in google's images search bar.

After game is over you will get a score like this Enjoy the Game

Tips to optimize Laptop Battery – Improve laptop battery life with laptop battery care

Optimizing laptop battery usage is very important to increase the battery life and performance.

Following are the Top tips to optimize the laptop battery :

Buy smart: Look for notebooks with low power consuming processors like the Intel’s “CULV” “Consumer Ultra-Low Voltage” processors or AMD processors with “cool & Quiet” feature.
Dim screen brightness: Choose an environment with adequate lighting—less brightness means you’ll drain less power from your battery.Use the Function key (Fn) available in most of the laptops to dim the brightness.
Run your applications wisely: To get the most from your laptop, even when multitasking on the go, run resource intensive applications just when actively using them. Then make sure to close the applications you aren’t using.Running Video on the laptop will consume the battery very fast.Avoid to run video almost all time.
Close unused applications: Programs will still use power while sitting idle.Also some unrequired background processes can  be close…