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Examples of Directives in Angular JS

Examples of Directives in Angular JS

How to open Add or Remove programs folder in windows (Control panel)

Hi All,

Here is simply trick to open you windows "Add or Remove folder" or "Programs and features"
Follow this.

1) Click on start menu
2) open "Run..." option from right side list or Simply click on keyboard by presssing "windows key + r"
3) It will open simple dialog box and enter in text field  "appwiz.cpl" and click OK. 4) Wow it will open our program and features folder.
Then simply uninstall or repair your installed programs.
Screen shorts: 

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Get a quirky surprise when search Atari Breakout in Google Images

I you want to surprise from Google. You want to ready to play Ball Bat game. Then go through this link Click Here or search " Atari Breakout " in google's images search bar.

After game is over you will get a score like this Enjoy the Game